Champlor in a nutshell


  • INEOS Champlor: manufacturer of products from locally grown rapeseed, for food industry, animal feed, energy and industrial sectors.
  • Located in Verdun, in the department of Meuse, in the heart of an agricultural region specializing in rapeseed cultivation.
  • Crushing capacity of rapeseed: 400 000 tonnes per year, ie 180 000 tonnes of refined rapeseed oil per year and 220 000 tonnes of rapeseed meal. Silo operated by EMC2.
  • Refined oil, crude oil, rapeseed meal, biodiesel, rapeseed methyl esters and glycerine.
  • Tocopherols, sterols and lecithin extraction capabilities in development.
  • Certifications: Kosher – GMP + – 2BSvs – ISO9001 – ISO14001 – ISO22000 – ISO50001.

INEOS Champlor was created in 2007 and was originally a joint venture between INEOS Enterprises, the agricultural cooperative group SICLAÉ (now VIVESCIA Industries) and the oilseed crushing group C.Thywissen. However, at the end of 2013, INEOS took over 100% of the activity.

The Agreement “La Lorraine notre signature”, is an initiative led by AGRIA Grand Est which brings together several Lorraine manufacturers and distributors around common values and actions.

Choosing approved products with “la Lorraine notre signature” is the assurance of products made in Lorraine. By adhering to the approach, companies undertake to respect the specifications of this scheme.

With the logo of “la Lorraine notre signature”, the products made in Lorraine are easily identifiable. Today, more than 1,650 products made in Lorraine benefit from this approval.


The Champlor business is based in Verdun in northeastern France. There are two companies on the site, Champlor for the production of locally grown sustainable rapeseed products, and INEOS Enterprises for specialty esters for packaging (film), automotive components, medical devices and lubricants.

The site is certified: ISO 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environmental management), 50001 (energy management) and ISO22000 (food safety management). Other certifications for specific products or activities are also held by the site, e.g. Kosher, GMP + and 2BSvs certifications.

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  • INEOS is an international group specializing in petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and petroleum products.
  • 181 sites are distributed in 24 countries.
  • 18,500 employees.
  • $ 60 billion in sales.
  • INEOS products contribute to many aspects of modern life by contributing to the improvement of the health or standard of living of different populations around the world.

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