2BSXtra certification


Valtris Champlor’s rapeseed products now certified sustainable for the food and industrial markets :

Certified for many years for biofuels, Valtris Champlor becomes the first French company to obtain the 2BSXtra certification which guarantees the sustainability of its products for the food and industrial markets.

Thus, Valtris Champlor’s partners active in the food and feed markets as well as industrials looking for sustainable biobased feedstocks will find a range of rapeseed derivatives (oils, meal, glycerine, methyl esters, etc.) adapted to their needs and meeting strict sustainability criteria certified by Bureau Veritas Certification according to the 2BSXtra standard.

The 2BSXtra certification is based on the requirements of the 2BSvs certification scheme (sustainability of agricultural biomass, biofuels and bioliquids) and allows to demonstrate the sustainability and traceability of the supply chain from biomass to products. It aims to support entities active in Food, Feed and Chemicals in their approach towards a circular economy with low carbon emissions.

“This certification demonstrates our ambition to be an actor and promoter of sustainable development in all the markets Valtris Champlor serves. Based on a serious and recognized standard, we are now able to offer our partners, whatever their field of activity, certified sustainable products that contribute to a measurable improvement in their own performance in this fundamental area. The 2BSXtra certification is based on the same level of requirements applied to biofuels and makes it possible to attest the sustainability and traceability of our supplies and productions. » declares Christophe Sussat, President of Valtris France.

Valtris Champlor’s 2BS certification covers Rapeseed Methyl Ester and fatty acids for biofuel use. The new 2BSXtra certification covers crude and refined rapeseed oils, rapeseed meal, crude rapeseed glycerine and rapeseed methyl ester for all uses other than biofuel. It complements the ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and FSSC22000 certifications of the production site in Verdun, France.

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