Champlor manufactures several products made from locally grown rapeseed and is constantly expanding its product portfolio to meet the growing needs of the market, particularly with regards to the increasing demand for natural and sustainable products. Our products have a number of certifications to meet the requirements of our customers.

Champlor, key points:

  • Quality: Champlor ensures a constant quality of its products. Always attentive to developments and trends, Champlor tries to provide the appropriate response to the different demands of its customers.
  • Origin: Traceability is an important point for both customers and Champlor.
  • Listening to customers: The Champlor team is at the disposal of its customers, striving each day to provide flexibility and a high level of service to its customers.
  • Transparency: The Champlor plant is open to any customer wishing to organize a simple visit to understand our production system. Numerous customer audits also allow different departments (Quality, Production, Supply Chain, Sales) to exchange with our customer counterparts.
  • Reactivity: The relatively small size of the activity and the fact that all stakeholders are based on the production site allow optimal responsiveness.


Refined rapeseed oil is used in the food industry for several types of products.


Oilseed meal from rapeseed is a source of protein.


We are developing our business on these products.


It is a biofuel certified by the 2BSvs voluntary sustainability scheme.


The glycerine produced by INEOS comes from vegetable oil and is non-GMO.

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