INEOS Enterprises doubles Biodiesel production in Baleycourt

Baleycourt banner

INEOS Enterprises hopes to double its biodiesel production capacity at its site in Baleycourt, Verdun (France) by 2008, from 110,000 tons per year to 220,000.


INEOS Enterprises plans to double its biodiesel production capacity at Baleycourt, Verdun (France) from 110,000 to 220,000 tonnes per year by 2008.

The new biodiesel facility, in the heart of France’s second largest vegetable oil producing region, will be served by a new grain crushing and vegetable oil refining plant. This will allow 400,000 tonnes of locally produced rapeseed to be transformed into oil and then biodiesel.

The investment of over Euros 70 million will be split between INEOS and its local partners.

This investment is in response to the French government’s commitment to increase significantly the proportion of “green” fuels used over the coming years. In March 2005, the site obtained a quota to supply the French market with 40,000 tonnes pa, which it hopes to increase before the year-end during the next round of quotas.

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