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Created in 2007, Champlor is a subsidiary of the Valtris Specialty Chemicals group since 2018. From its production unit located in Verdun, Champlor offers products derived from the processing of locally and sustainably grown rapeseed to the food, livestock, energy and industrial markets.

Through our products and services, we contribute to improving the quality, food safety, traceability, sustainability and environmental performance of the markets we serve.


The 25-hectare site also houses Valtris Specialty Chemicals’ ester production, steam generation, handling and packaging operations and water treatment.


130 qualified employees ensure the production and sale of the products in the best conditions of hygiene and safety.

All the riches of rapeseed

Our mission is to promote regional and French rapeseed

Regional sourcing, non-GMO products, Champlor meets the growing needs of its customers.

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Our commitments and certifications

Champlor is part of a global approach to continuous improvement aimed at the satisfaction of our customers, partners and interested parties.

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