Champlor, all the riches of rapeseed

Valtris Champlor uses rapeseed in all its forms from local resources.

Our mission : to promote regional and French rapeseed on growing markets

We only process rapeseed

Our site is located in the heart of France’s main oilseed producing region at a European crossroads, enabling us to ensure the supply of rapeseed and significant outlets for our products.

Rapeseed derivatives have major advantages in their markets

  • Rapeseed oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6, which are beneficial to cardiovascular health
  • Vegetable glycerine is a versatile component of biobased chemistry
  • Rapeseed meal is a local source of non-GMO protein, now used in livestock production
  • We continue to improve our processes to concentrate molecules of interest such as plant sterols, tocopherols and lecithin
  • Rapeseed ester is a biofuel that provides a solution to the decarbonisation of transport

Our goal is to meet the growing needs of our customers.

We meet our customers’ requirements: regional sourcing, non-GMO products, guaranteed sustainability and traceability in strict compliance with food safety standards.


Good to know: The use of rapeseed methyl ester as a substitute or blend for diesel can significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Our plant capacity helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 220,000 tonnes per year.


Our rapeseed meal production provides a non-GMO source of protein for 150,000 dairy cows each year.

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