Our commitments and certifications

Valtris Champlor is committed to global approach to continuous improvement aimed at the satisfaction of our customers, partners and interested parties.

A commitment to excellence

Valtris France, Valtris Enterprises France, Valtris Champlor and Valtris Entreprises Limited are committed to responsible progress in order to constantly improve our performance in economic, environmental and social terms.


In this way, they are participating in the efforts undertaken by the Valtris Specialty Chemicals group, of which they are a part.


Our approach to progress is aimed at the long-term, harmonious and sustainable development of our activities. It is based on a coherent and integrated management system that anticipates the changes in the world in which the company operates and adapts to the various economic constraints without departing from its principles.

The principles of commitments to progress:

  • Compliance with laws, regulations, conventions and permits
  • Compliance with the Valtris Code of Ethics which is based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact
  • Compliance with the Valtris safety standards and deployment of the Valtris safety principles: "Go For Zero”
  • Compliance with normative references, certifications and third-party audits of our processes and performance: Environment, Quality, Food Safety, Energy and Waste Management, Traceability and Sustainability of our products

The responsible progress approach includes our commitment to continuously improve our system in all its dimensions and to enrich it in order to achieve ever more ambitious objectives. It involves all employees of our companies.


The systematic and regular evaluation of our actions and performance is shared with our employees, customers and partners.


They are invited to contribute to our continuous improvement process.

Our staff:

  • Provide a safe, professional, respectful and non-discriminatory working environment
  • Sharing common values that enable collaboration, solidarity and talent development

Our clients:

  • Provide the products and services we promise them, particularly in terms of quality, safety and timeliness
  • Supporting their development by developing ever more technically efficient and sustainable solutions

Our industrial tools:

  • Ensuring the safety of our facilities, preventing, minimising and managing risks
  • Favouring the best available techniques that are economically acceptable, increasing the energy efficiency of installations and reducing our discharges and emissions

Our partners:

  • Sharing our approach and objectives in order to work together to achieve them
  • Working with those who can contribute directly or indirectly to our progress

Champlor also undertakes specific actions in support of our social and environmental actions with recognised organisations that have an impact in relation to our activities and/or our location.


For example, in the field of biodiversity: “a roof for the bees”, “a billion trees with the municipalities of France”, but also in the field of local economy: “Lorraine my signature”.

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Our certifications

FSSC 22000

2BSvs / 2BSXtra



ISO 9001

ISO 14001 / ISO 50001

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