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Valtris Champlor engages with local companies

Regional initiatives

The “Lorraine, notre signature” accreditation: an approach led by AGRIA Grand Est.

It brings together several manufacturers and distributors from Lorraine around common values and actions.

Choosing “La Lorraine notre signature” approved products is the assurance of consuming products made in Lorraine. By adhering to this approach, companies undertake to respect the specifications.

Thanks to the logo, products made in Lorraine are easily identifiable. This is the case for more than 1,650 products that currently benefit from this approval.


Our business is rapeseed.

Rape is also a very popular honey plant for bees. It is very rich in nectar and pollen and has a long flowering period. Valtris Champlor’s support for “Un toit pour les abeilles” is a natural extension of our commitment.

We support the apiary “L’Abeille de Romain” :

“I do transhumance in the spring so that the bees can take advantage of the flower rotations. They start with the fruit trees: mainly hawthorn and rape.

Then they go to the acacia. Finally, the apiary is divided into two parts: some hives will enjoy the chestnut blossoms, while the others will forage on the lime tree… To finish the season, I group them on the alfalfa.”.


Un toit pour les abeilles

Future Foods

Collaborative project to develop oil and protein extraction processes

The INTRINSIC project aims to develop economically and environmentally sustainable production of ingredients and proteins from oilseeds. It builds on an existing knowledge base of extraction unit operations related to product functional performance.

A total use case approach is applied. It aims to value all flows, depending on their value, to food or feed applications.

The project brings together partners from across the supply chain, including oilseed crushers, technology providers and end-product manufacturers.

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