Vegetable Crude Glycerine

Guaranteed 100% GMO-free, the vegetable glycerine produced by Champlor has a wide range of applications.

Vegetable crude glycerine

The crude glycerine is produced by Champlor from non-GMO vegetable oil. Its concentration in glycerol is 80%.


The glycerine manufactured by Champlor is guaranteed to be of 100% rapeseed oil origin and 100% GMO-free*. It is also certified Kosher, Halal compliant, GMP+ and 2BSVS according to our customers’ needs.


Glycerine has a wide range of applications. It is used by refiners in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, chemical intermediates and biogas.


Champlor has a wide range of certifications for use in all these sectors to ensure and demonstrate the traceability and sustainability of our supply chain. This continuous improvement approach allows us to be part of a low carbon circular economy.


* as defined by European regulations

Strengths and certifications:

  • 2BSXtra sustainability certification
  • GMP+ certification
  • Origin: Glycerine made in France from refined rapeseed oil
  • Kosher certification
  • Bulk delivery
  • Halal Declaration of Conformity

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