Methyl Ester of Rapeseed Oil

Of 100% rapeseed origin, Methyl Ester of rapeseed oil for biofuel or technical use offers good biodegradability properties.

Methyl ester of vegetable oil for biofuel use

Since 2007, Champlor has been marketing renewable energy for biofuel use. Known as Biodiesel, but also as Biogasole for diesel engines, this product is of 100% rapeseed origin.


Bio-Diesel, a renewable alternative fuel to diesel, is fully certified for sustainability. It is 2BSvs certified and thus demonstrates its compliance with the European RED II directive.


Today, Champlor offers an innovative solution for captive fleets made from rapeseed grown in France and marketed under the name Biodiesel B100 biofuel.

Strengths and certifications :

  • Low carbon solution
  • 2BSvs sustainability certification
  • Evidence of sustainability in European bases: CarbuRe, Nabisy, Biofuels Belgium
  • Specification higher than the French standard (order of 16 November 2018)
  • Premium quality
  • Higher specification than the European standard EN14214
  • Bulk delivery

Methyl ester of vegetable oil for technical use

Methyl rape ester is a methyl ester of natural fatty acids (C18 to 90-95%) marketed under the name Rapeseed methyl ester . It is derived from 100% rapeseed processing and has good biodegradability properties.

Also known as RSME, it is known mainly for its ability to be an excellent solvent.

Strengths and certifications:

  • 100% rapeseed oil
  • Sustainability certificate according to the 2BSXtra standard
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Low VOC
  • High thermal stability
  • Low C02 footprint
  • Bulk delivery

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